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    These are answers to frequently asked questions when using Ziptoss Real Estate Service.
    If you have any further questions or inconveniences, please contact us via e-mail or chat support.
    Can I book before I arrive in Korea?
    Yes, you can book before you arrive in Korea with a reasonable down payment for confirm.
    Can I see the room before I book?
    You can visit the room with our agent. If you are not in Korea or too busy to take a visit, you can ask the photos of the room.
    I just requested booking. And now?
    We will let you know the availability of the flat in 24 hours by email.
    (If you haven't got any email, please check the address again!)
    If it's available, you can pay with Paypal invoice.
    We will help you get the contract when you check-in.
    What's Ziptoss' contracting process?
    The process is quite simple.

    1. Send down payment to the landlord to book the room.
    - Ziptoss will help you to do so by sending a Paypal invoice which includes the down payment and Ziptoss service fee.
    *The down payment and the service fee will not be returned if you break the booking. and If the booking is broken by the landlord, the landlord repays you the double amount of the down payment.

    2. Make a contract.
    - Ziptoss will make an English contract with the landlord as your real estate agency.

    3. Endorse the contract with the landlord when you arrived.

    4. Pay the balance when you move in.
    - Balance means key deposit + first month's rent - down payment.
    - Balance means key deposit(1,000,000KRW) + monthly rental fee (300,000KRW) - down payment(300,000KRW). = 1,000,000KRW (Please bring cash went you move in)
    When you move out 50,000KRW will be charged for cleaning fee from key-deposit.

    And before making the contract, the agent will let you know about the special agreement.
    Example of the special agreement
    1. Electricity, Gas, Internet, water fee included.
    2. Pet is prohibited. A tenant should not cause any damage by noise to other tenants
    3. If the tenant depreciates any provided house appliance or furnishing, the tenant should pay the repair cost.
    4. The room cannot be shared with another person or O.
    5. The tenant should pay moving out cleaning fee when he/she moves out. 100,000KRW
    6. If the tenant leaves the room before the contract ends, the tenant should look for another tenant and pay the realty service fee.
    7. Principles must be followed. (No Smoking, No Noise damage, No Pet, Separated Trashing)
    I just booked and now I want to cancel.
    Down payment has already been transferred to the landlord, and thus cannot be refunded. However, if your cancellation request is submitted no later than the check-in date, we guarantee that your next service fee will be waived.
    What if the landlord cancels my booking before I check-in?
    You will get refunded double amount of the down payment.
    Why do all the places have a high deposit?
    Normally, the deposit and rent are negotiable. (That's why they're standard price options.)
    The more deposit, the less rent. You can get the flat with the less deposit than the much it's enrolled on our website, so do not hesitate to ask us if you like it!
    Will I be meeting with a Ziptoss employee or the landlord when moving in?
    Sure, One of our managers and the landlord will be there when you move in.
    Will I have the option to extend my contract or sign a new one for the same apartment when it ends?
    Yes, however, you should tell about you're going to extend the contract to the landlord at least a month ago before the contract ends.
    To whom do I pay the utility fees? Will this be added onto my rent at the end of each month?
    You're going to receive bills for electricity and gas. You can process the bill in nearest CVS.
    Am I expected to pay the balance in cash (bills) when I move in? Is a bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card acceptable?
    Cash is preferred. However, if you can pay the balance before you move in, Paypal or bank transfer also can be an acceptable option.